Gemopolis industrial estate in Thailand is a renowned hub for the gem, jewelry and light industry, offering specialized zones such as General industrial zone and Free zone to accommodate a diverse range of businesses. With a focus on continuous growth and development, Gemopolis plans to introduce new innovation and enhance infrastructure to attract more businesses and investment, further solidifying its position as a leading destination for companies in the industrial sector.

Industrial estate

Gemopolis Industrial Estate is divided into two main areas: the General Zone and the Free Zone. Both offer various non-tax privileges authorized by IEAT ,The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, to investors who choose to set up their factory or business operations within the estate. These privileges include the right to own land, 100% foreign ownership, work permits and visas for expert workers and their families, and the ability to transfer money abroad in foreign currencies, and more.

General Zone

The General Zone is ideal for businesses that require a large or separate area.
It is mostly occupied by major operations due to the ample space available for setting up large factories and facilities, as well as a significant number of workers. By choosing Gemopolis, you can take advantage of these benefits and streamline your business operations.


Gemopolis Freezone is built based on the vertical factory concept, consisting of a group of mixed-use buildings. It is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, with factory sizes starting only at 100 sq.m. Investors have the freedom to create their own blueprint that caters to their business needs


Besides its location and abundant facilities, Gemopolis and
Gemopolis Freezone also offers many taxation benefits including

Corporate income tax exemption for 4 years for manufacturing factory

Import tax and value added tax exemption for:

  • raw materials, semi- finished goods and essential materials
  • machinery, tools and production equipment
  • finished products and merchandises

Rights to extend the period of storage of imported materials and essential materials from 1 year to 2 years

Foreign Investors could have ownership of land and property in the project.

Dividend tax exemption for 4 years

No requirement to reference master formula for goods manufactured for exports

Enable permission to bring experts and families from overseas to work and reside in the country with more convenience

Tax exemption for 5 years for international distribution centers

For goods purchased domestically; value added tax (VAT) at a rate of zero

Foreign Investors can have 100% shareholdership

Permission to transfer of foreign currency to overseas


VIDA Community Market
Gemopolis General Zone
Gemo Plaza
Gemopolis Mall
The Happiness condominium
Freezone 1-2, 4-5
Freezone 3


Our facilities cater to a diverse range of needs and support various types of businesses, including manufacturing, trading, import-export, or service-oriented companies. We provide customizable spaces tailored to your specific needs, ranging from 150 sq. m. to as large as 10,000 sq. m. Whatever your business requirements may be, we have the space to accommodate them.


Gemopolis isn't just an industrial estate—it's a thriving community. In addition to providing spaces for light business operations, we're developing a commercial area that includes restaurants and lifestyle services. This expansion aims to cater to the diverse needs of our tenants and create a vibrant environment where both work and leisure can flourish.

Future Development

Gemopolis is committed to continually developing various projects to further expand business opportunities in the future.

Getting start

Setting up a business in Gemopolis is a hassle-free process that can save you years of effort compared to establishing a company outside our industrial estate. With us, you can start import and export in as little as 60 days and get things going in approximately 45 days. The specific steps required to set up a business with us may vary depending on the type of business and options you choose, but our team is always ready to assist and advise you throughout the entire process. Here are the basic steps you'll need to take.

  • Sign lease
  • Company
  • Opening
    bank account
  • Register for
    IEAT application
  • Once approved
  • Ready to
    import / export

From Day 1

  • 45
    Ready to
  • 60
    Work permit for
  • 90
    Work permit for
  • 97
    Visa for family

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We understand that every business is unique and has different requirements. That's why we want to provide you with a tailored solution that meets your specific needs. To help us understand your business better, please complete the following survey form.

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