Gemopolis Solutions

Beyond its location and abundant facilities, Gemopolis and Gemopolis Freezone also offers numerous taxation benefits including:

Top-class amenities and utilities services

On-site government agencies and private entities to facilitate business operations

Consultation services for establishing companies or factories of any scale

Assistance in sourcing Thai labour

Training Center

Support with various licensing procedures

Investor Relations


Gemopolis Freezone is built based on the vertical factory concept, consisting of a group of mixed-use buildings. It is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, with factory sizes starting only at 100 sq.m.

High Returns:

Investing in Gemopolis offers the opportunity for lucrative returns through property rentals. In addition to the potential for high returns on investment, we also provide comprehensive property and investment management services

Profit from Property Appreciation for Business Use:

In addition to rental income, investors can benefit from the appreciation of land and real estate used for business purposes. As the business grows, the value of the property has the potential to increase accordingly.

Market Demand and Limited Supply:

Gemopolis holds a unique advantage as an industrial zone located in Bangkok, a market with limited available industrial spaces. The demand for such areas continues to rise, while the risk of oversupply remains low.

Low Investment Risk:

Real estate investments in Gemopolis offer a relatively low-risk option compared to other assets such as stocks. Real estate is known for its stability and low price volatility, making it an attactive investment choice.

Low Opportunity Cost:

Many entrepreneurs opt for long-term leases in Gemopolis to strategically plan their investments. Long-term leases help businesses reach breakeven points and generate profits in the future. With stable rental income, investors can minimise the opportunity cost of potential income losses.

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