These teams comprise both frontline and backstage personnel who propel the organisation forward, delivering results in various forms. Whether it's developing projects that cater to the needs of investors and business owners or offering customer-centric consultations, they assist in designing, selecting, comparing, and guiding clients to make informed decisions that align with their needs. Managing communal spaces such as roads, pavements, trees, security systems, and the environment, among others, all contribute to making Gemopolis an attractive destination.


Mr. Boonyong Assarasakorn | Founder / Chairman of the board

Founded by Boonyong Assarasakorn, he currently serves as the Chairman of the board of I.G.S Co.,Ltd, the parent company behind the development of Gemopolis Industrial Estate. Boonyong Assarasakorn previously held the position of president at the Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association, and now holds the title of advisory president within the association. He initially ventured into the gem trading business by establishing Shiang Heng Trading, successfully establishing it as one of the industry's leading company. With a vision to establish a global hub for trading and manufacturing gems and jewellery, he transitioned from gem trading to spearheading the development of Gemopolis Industrial Estate. Presently, he has entrusted the helm of Gemopolis to his eldest son Charie Assarasakorn, who now serves as the CEO, continuing his father's legacy.


Mr. Charie Assarasakorn

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Director

CEO statement
"At Gemopolis Industrial Estate, we're dedicated to providing a world-class, one-stop service environment for businesses to thrive. We're constantly innovating and improving, and we're excited to welcome new partners to join us on this journey. Together, we can unlock exciting opportunities for mutual success."

Managing Director

MR. Suttipong Damrongsakul

Managing Director

Executive committee

Human Resources & Administrative Division

Marketing and Public Relations Division

Sales and Business Services Division

Community Services Division

Our Team

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