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Gemopolis Free Zone II, the modern five-storey building, mixed-use commercial, services, and factory condominium, is offering a total of 70 commercial and factory units ranging from 70 to 9,000 square meters on 5 floors and offers great value with prices starting from 5 Million Baht or USD 180,000. The building is designed to serve gem, jewelry business and light industry in less polluted industrial zone.

General Zone

Gemopolis Phase 1 occupies over the land area of about 170 rais (68 acres). It is designed and landscaped in the environmentally friendly manner. The properties in Gemopolis are available in 3 different types :
Factory Land
Land plots are available and ready to construct building at the usage space of 1,600 sq.m.-20,000 sq.m.
Factory Space
Factory and showroom for leasing and purchasing start from 100 - 2,500 sq.m.
Factory Building
The 5 - storey buildings are designed in vertical style, to own the premises easily with low initial investment cost.