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Gemopolis Free Zone II, the modern five-storey building, mixed-use commercial, services, and factory condominium, is offering a total of 70 commercial and factory units ranging from 70 to 9,000 square meters on 5 floors and offers great value with prices starting from 5 Million Baht or USD 180,000. The building is designed to serve gem, jewelry business and light industry in less polluted industrial zone.
March 22, 2012
Gemopolis signed MOU for setting up Aw Taw Kaw market
Marketing Organization for Farmers, Ministry of Agriculture & Co-operatives and I.G.S. Public Company Limited signed a memorandum of understanding, indicating the intention to work together in establishing a high-end farmer’s market at the land plot nearby Gemopolis Industrial Estate, Pravet district, Bangkok.

The MOU was signed by Mr.Kamolvis Kaewfaek, M.O.F. Committee member, acting as Director of M.O.F. (5th left) and Mr.Suttipong Damrongsakul, Managing Director of I.G.S.PCL. (4th right) on March 14, 2012 at Marketing Organization for Farmers, Kamphangphet Road.

Collaboration between Marketing Organization for Farmers and I.G.S. PCL. is gearing up to enter a gourmet market to serve middle to high-income families in Pravet and On-Nuch area
under Aw Taw Kaw market’s brand.

Aw Taw Kaw is best known for its more select produce and gourmet food, whether organic fruit and vegetables, seafood, dried or preserved ingredients, ready-to-eat dishes or Thai traditional sweets at a higher quality and price than at other markets.

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