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Gemopolis Free Zone II, the modern five-storey building, mixed-use commercial, services, and factory condominium, is offering a total of 70 commercial and factory units ranging from 70 to 9,000 square meters on 5 floors and offers great value with prices starting from 5 Million Baht or USD 180,000. The building is designed to serve gem, jewelry business and light industry in less polluted industrial zone.

Factory in the park

Following the success of Free Zone phase I, IGS has offered the new project, Free Zone phase II, the modern five-storey, mixed used commercial, services and factory condominium ranging from 70-9,000 sq.m., price starting from 5 million Baht or US$180,000. The project officially started building at the end of February 2015 and plan to complete by May 2016. It is designed to serve light and non- polluted industries such as gems and jewelry, medical devices, watches, fashion, electronics, IT and IT accessories and etc.

Under the "free-zone" privilege", the investors will obtain a wide range of tax and non-tax benefits. Please access for more detail of privileges under free zone.

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