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Gemopolis Free Zone II, the modern five-storey building, mixed-use commercial, services, and factory condominium, is offering a total of 70 commercial and factory units ranging from 70 to 9,000 square meters on 5 floors and offers great value with prices starting from 5 Million Baht or USD 180,000. The building is designed to serve gem, jewelry business and light industry in less polluted industrial zone.

Gemopolis Club

Gemopolis Community Relation Group (Gemopolis Club) was founded on October 25, 2000 subject to the initiate of friendship in the workplace to share the interests and peaceful inside the Gemopolis Industrial Estate. At the beginning GCRG was supported by I.G.S.PCL. together with the majority of companies in Gemopolis gathering as the member.

We established the objectives and path to proceed in our workplace as follows :
  1. To meet and share the knowledge, experience and thinking in Personnel Management amongst the members.
  2. To centralize any survey, research and development for Personnel Management knowledge and Administration with any concerning organizations, associations for further movement.
  3. To promote and build up the best relationship between employers and employees together with workplaces inside the industrial estate.
For more information, please contact 02 727 0908-9