“ In smartOffice also comprises many facilities in order to facilitate and
serve our smartOffice’s member and guests. ”

Step 1

Visit us at Gemopolis

How would you like for your company to be?

Please come for a site visit and talk. Then jointly, we help you summarize your needs and save many expenses.


How to set up my factory in Gemopolis?

It depends on what kind of product you would like to produce. We recommend you to give us your business plan. So we can recheck about legal before startup your factory.

There are 3S steps...

  • Signing lease Agreement or purchasing Agreement
    (Address is the requirement for setting up company)
  • Setting up company
    (Company could really facilitate your business operation in Thailand
  • Special license Application
    (Due to our Gemopolis have been strongly supported by Thai Government. Therefor foreign investors are allowed to apply special license in order to get the special benefits for foreign direct investment.)

Can I operate trading company in Gemopolis?

Even though Gemopolis is Industrial Estate but trading company can operate also.

If my product is not gems and jewelry, can I operate my business in Gemopolis?

You could operate gems, jewelry or related business such as:

  • Fashion industry & High value products
  • Spectacle, Optical & Accessories
  • Medical Equipment / Accessories
  • Telecommunication / IT / Computer / Electric & Electronic Accessories
  • Other light industry permissible by Thai Government

What privileges that are beneficial for customer?

Gemopolis can provide several privileges that are beneficial for foreign and domestic direct investment, such as:

  • 100% foreign shareholder
  • 2 yearly renewable Work Permit under Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)
  • 0% Import Duty
  • 0% VAT purchase

How can I schedule an appointment?

Tel: +6696-080-0780

What is Gemopolis?

Gemopolis is the designated area for a low pollution business zone under strong Thai Government support, as well as supporting facilities to provide for investors.

What is bizGlobe?

bizGlobe is the  projects in Gemopolis, concept of bizGlobe is small space, but high productive. By the concept, Biz Globe developed several projects that allow several companies to share space and common facilities (e.g. meeting room, Small pantry, Free drink, Printer, WIFI and Elevators) together.

What business activities can we do in bizglobe?

  • Trading, commercial, services and manufacturing for diamonds, gems, jewelry, gold fashion industry, and high value products
  • Sub contracting & Outsourcing
  • All king of light industry

Where are your Offices located?

Gemopolis is closed to Suvarnabhumi International Airport, it's very convenient in terms of logistics for your companies.
Link to google map

Do you have any service to help us for work permit?

We provide One-Stop-Service Package as detail below

  • New company registration
  • Special license application
  • Work Permit

How much register capital do I need?

There is no requirement by law but if you have too low registered capital, it will be effect to your reliability and it’s complicated for you if you would like to buy company asset which its value each excess than the capital because you need to declare the sources of money.

Step 2

We send you a Quotation for approval.

Of course, you would like to know how much?

Once we know what you want, we send the best pricing to you right away!


What initial cost do I need to pay?

It depends on which projects are proper for you. Starting from approximately 186,000 – 300,000 Baht for the first 6 months, including the required supporting service fee and rental expense.

What supporting facilities do you have?

Roughly A/C, tables, chairs, finger print security door, personal room access card, pantry, and restroom. (Each project is different)

Do you have any further conditions or requirement?

  • Lease period requires 2 years (renewable).
  • Prepaid rental fee in advance 6 months (No security deposit is required)
  • Common fee includes common facilities management, electricity and water expenses.
  • Special license and Work Permit are compulsory service by us.

What payment methods are supported?

Transfer Money, Cash, Cashier Cheque, Credit Car

Step 3

Sign the contract and you may use our address.

Official address is the most critical legal element.

We have the One-Stop Service to support you. No hassle about paperwork and processes!


When I have to sign contract?

We would recommend you to sign contract as soon as possible. Due to some process such as company registration and any special license application require signed agreement.

What document you need for signing contract?

  • Company affidavit
  • ID card or Passport of authorized person

Step 4

Paperwork time!

You compile all necessary documents, and we will do the rest!

Meanwhile, you may start moving in and decorate your office.


When I will get my document?

You will get all kind of document approximately 45 days

Step 5

Move in and ready for startup!

Enjoy your special privileges in your new office.

Start your business by having Duty Free, while we begin the Work Permit process.


What I need to do to apply work permit?

There are 2 simple steps...

  • Working VISA application and Work Permit application
  • Estimated timeline is around 30 days

What required document for Work Permit application?

  • Company document (We will prepare for you)
  • Education Certificate
  • Employment Certificate verify by companies (At least past 5 years)
  • Passport

How much Work Permit expense?

Approximately 14,000 -24,000 Baht rely on promotion

Do you have any parking space and how much cost?

Yes we do have, but it’s not fixing for individuals, it is common parking space and there is no expense.